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About Us

Equality Action NOW is a Northern California grassroots civil rights organization.

We provide a virtual meeting place for like-minded activists to organize, collect and share region-specific updates, provide information about the achievements of LGBTQ people in our community to educate others, and plan positive, peaceful events that further the cause of civil rights
for all people.

Mobilize. Motivate. Activate. Educate.

  • Mobilize — Statewide efforts that take place in Sacramento
  • Motivate — Via online and viral campaigns, in a positive and peaceful way
  • Activate — Enable positive grassroots events using our online resources
  • Educate — Provide information and tips on peaceful grassroots activism

Position Statements

  • 2010 or 2012 Equality Action NOW Position:
    "Our fight for equality is ongoing. "When" is really not an issue for us. Equality Action NOW does not take a stand one way or another since choosing a date has worked to polarized our community." We will be there whenever a rally, a vote, a stand needs to be made and we will support all of our brothers and sisters in solidarity.
  • Regarding boycotts and blacklists -- Separate from any political campaign or movement, people make personal choices based on the information available to them.
  • We only support peaceful, legal, respectful events in our communities
  • We respect the personal beliefs of all people

Equality Action NOW is NOT a nonprofit (501c3) organization.